Genetics Experts - Can someone please explain HOW this happened???


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Feb 27, 2010
Foothills of NC
Our neighbor has our orpington stock exclusively. I know the parentage as I still own them. This weekend their solid black bantam orp hen became a mom for the first time, dad of the chicks can only be either a solid black bantam orp or a splash bantam orp ad these are the only two they have. Where is the world did this coloring come from!!!
I still hatch from the parent stock of these offspring and have nothing like these hatch, mine are all black or blue depending on what rooster/hen cross. I am just stumped.
There are a total of 4 chicks in these colors.



I've learned through the years it doesn't matter how well you know your parent/breeder stock something genetic can and will pop up with your generations anywhere down the line.
Doesn't matter what someone else sold you it happens more often than you think!

What fun! It will be exiting to watch them feather out. (In a singsong voice) Ooooooooh,Henk69!!!??? What's going on here?
I about hit the floor when I came around the corner and these are what I saw!
Definitely not what I was expecting at all. The good thing it that if they grow out to be anything cool.... I can start a new bantam orp project.
Your neighbor didn't have some one watching their birds, or a family member, with a sense of humor maybe ? Time will tell.
Nope, we are the only ones who tend to their animals when there gone and no one around them has any chickens, let alone any that could get into their coop.
I actually brought that last one down to my house to hatch out as mom had gotten off the nest with the other three. The eggs are hers, they only have a few chickens and she is the only bantam orp hen they have and only two roosters and both are bantam orps.

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