genetics issue?


8 Years
Apr 19, 2013
South Carolina
We have a beautiful young silkie cockerel that we hatched in January. The chicks we are getting from him are all dying before they reach a month old. The hens are over a year old and experienced broodies. Any ideas why these chicks are dying? Mostly they appear as failure to thrive chicks. Is there anything we can do, or should we get a different rooster? He is one we planned to show this fall :/
They are on high quality food, free range in the garden, and we had a separate brooder for the hens that is raised off of the ground three feet. This has happened with both chicks hatched by a broody as well as ones hatched by the broody. I'm stumped.
You might try posting on one of the silkie threads where breeders may see it and comment. I find some of the more rare breeds just really hard to get good hatches, compared to some more common breeds. I have had a heck of a time with wheaten ameraucanas and salmon faverolles.

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