Genovieve is missing her tongue!


10 Years
Mar 31, 2009
SouthEast Texas
I have been watching my Genny pretty closely for a little over a week because she looked like she was starting to show signs of gape worm - nothing more really than she was just holding her mouth open a lot.

Anyway, she has been very stubborn about not letting me see in her mouth, and i couldn't figure out how to force it...

Anyway, the other girls started panting more this past week - 'cause this is Texas, and it is HOT outside. And i noticed that the other girls display their tongues, and their "chin" areas show some movement when they're panting. And then i caught a couple of glimpses, and just now i got a really good look inside of Gen's mouth, and there is no tongue in there! It's just a cavity. And her throat area is bigger than the other girls.

Have you ever heard of this?

Do i need to do anything?

She seems fine, except that she holds her mouth open more than the others. She eats and drinks and poops.

What do you think?

All 3 of my chickens are 14 week old buff orpingtons.
Well now that's the darndest thing! Sounds like maybe she was born without it. That's a new one! But it sounds like she's alright otherwise. Just weird in a kind of neat new experience way.
I admit, i am relieved. I don't really understand how she's doing all the eating stuff without her tongue, but she's gotten this far, so i GUESS she'll be o.k.
Well thank heavens she's of a breed that uses stones in the gizzard. Where she a parrot, she'd be doomed! But pretty much she just has to chunk down food.

Drinking would be the thing I worried about.

But this does remind me of a goose I bought. Something happened where he hadn't a whole lower jaw. His tongue was pretty worthless really - hung out like Odie. Of course he had to come home with me - I'm the one that buys angel winged geese, etc. /sigh

Anyway back to the point: when he ate and drank, he used what he had of his lower jaw as a scoop. As long as he had deep water/feed, it worked for him. (Til a predator killed him darnit.)

She won't need deep feed, but I'd make sure your waterers are always deep because since she doesn't have a tongue to help direct water, I bet that's how she's getting the water back - scooping it.

What a neat little unique girl!
thanks for the tip. i'll keep an eye on it. i haven't ever noticed that she eats or drinks differently, but i'll definitely be watching from now on. she has always seemed completely like the rest.

and yes, i'm happy, she is special.

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