German Shepherd female in heat!!! help! need stud

Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by chicks are me, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Not quite. The more positive experiences with people a dog has as a pup, the more positively they relate to people.Or, to look at it another way, the more training a dog has, the better they behave, simply because they have a better understanding of what sort of behavior is accepted and expected - which isn't the same thing as calmness of temperament.
    Did you see the part in Redyre Rotties's post that mentioned that breeding ALWAYS carries the risk of death? Every breeder is risking the life of their female every time they breed her, regardless of species or the amount of care she is given. Yes, better care helps to reduce the risk, but it is always there.

    Another note - some female dogs no longer tolerate the presence of their puppies past a certain age. There's no way of knowing whether yours would be one of them, but I have known people who kept a pup from a litter, only to have the dam repeatedly attack the younger dog when it matured. Blood ties are not a guarantee that dogs will get along.
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    Just another note: just because a dog has papers does not mean it is a perfectly healthy specimen of the breed, or even that it meets the breed standard. It just means the parents had papers that met the requirements for their puppies to be papered.

    Many genetic problems can be determined by simple (although not always cheap) tests through the vet. Hip dysplasia and cataracts are two common issues in a lot of dogs and a vet can tell you if the dog will be prone to these issues. Before breeding, you should become familiar with common issues in your breed of dog and talk to vets and other (good) breeders involved with GSDs.

    Before my family really knew anything about dogs, we made the mistake of buying a golden retriever (which is already a breed riddled with issues) from a backyard breeder. Our dog ended up having to be put down at 5 due to lymphoma, but also developed cataracts. We did not research anything about the parents to see if cancer ran in the family, nor did we ask any medical questions at all. She had akc papers though, but she really was quite an abhorrent example of the breed. (She was an awesome dog and pet though)
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    Thats true, I forgot the exact details about papering, all the breeders I knew where bad ones. I only know one breeder who sells with papers (sometimes false ones [​IMG]) & I know it increases the value of the pups, but thats it. It wasn't really something I wanted to really look into at the time, if you get me? [​IMG]
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    I have a beautiful GSD from German and Czechoslovakian lines with several generational histories and pedigree. He is almost three years old, 100% healthy and fully pampered health wise. He looks as you may see from his pics as the perfect GSD prototype Stud. Well mannered and smarter than most people I know...! He is of course CKC and AKC certified. He weights about 110 lbs and is very protective of his masters. He also has a beautiful "black mask" that makes him look not only more fearsome but "wolf-like". This would be his first breeding experience and I want to make sure that it is with the right Female. His Sire and brother were Polk County Florida K9 Officers,
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    Hello, I have a gorgeous GSD with (both parents have Shutzhund titles and IPO from Germany). My GSD is one year old and also looking for a purebred female that is on hit and but I live in Dallas TX. Let me know if you are interested. I can show you a picture of my dog.
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    you should wait at least another year. Hips/elbows can't be OFAed until 2 years old. PennHip can be done earlier but not many breeders use that route.

    Is your boy show or working lines? What dogs is he linebred on? Is he DDR or WGSL?
    Lots more goes into breeding than "I have a boy, you have a girl"
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    Hi Dainerra, my GSD is a WGSL and he is not a cheaper working dog. I will of course have him test for the hips @elbow and we'll wait until the right age. It's just that, at this time I am starting to look for a prospect German Shepherd female who can breed with my dog also in his category. I know it's difficult to find one that is why I am starting at this early age.
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    My Name is Miles. I am also looking to breed my German Shepherd. He is a purebred. 5 yrs old. No Hip Issues. Up to Date on shots, and Very Health.His name is Hachi. He is my service animal, and a wonderful boy. I'm not looking to make money off the puppies,I'm just trying to make sure that he breed before he is too old, and it is no longer safe. I'd just like 1 or 2 of his pups. (Must likely just one Male pup). Please call or e-mail me anytime at 661-540-3884, or e-mail me at [email protected].[​IMG]

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    I don't mean to be rude, a jerk or whatever, but I'm speechless at the last few posts posted above. REALLY???

    To the OP, please don't breed her. Like others have already said, it won't calm her down. It's not a reason to have puppies. GSD's are a breed prone to lots of health issues, and she should have ALL breed specific genetic health tests done, not just someone saying "my male has no hip issues" There's more to it than that. They should be OFA tested and cleared, with results to prove it. There are tests that need to be performed yearly as well, not just one time deals. In GSD's, I'm not sure but I want to say eyes and heart are two of those. And I think they need to be cleared of VWD as well. It also helps to have show titles to top it all off, and homes ready for the puppies before breeding. There are too many dogs in shelters everywhere.
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    Don't breed your dog. Spay her. There are far too many puppies as it is. Temperament is hereditary. NOBODY needs a hyper german Shepherd.

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