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8 Years
Sep 1, 2011
La Center, Ky
I just ordered 200 surplus chicks from Mt. Healthy Hatcheries. They should be here by net Friday. I'm Looking forward to getting them. I had a fox family of 5 kill over 100 of my chickens we had hatched this spring. We had Australorps,Easter eggers,Brahmas, Cochins,Silkies,Cuckoo Marans,Buff Orpingtons,Barred Rocks,White Rock crosses,RIR,& Wyandottes. All I have now is 1 Buff,& 1EasterEgger.
We got 2 of the foxes. We also made the coop & run more fox proof. Plus build a dog pen outside the run,& we're getting a chickens safe guard dog.
How did you catch the 2 foxes. They grabbed about 12 of mine so far but I can't catch any of them butt a baby.
Was it one of those hav-a- heart traps? The cage one? There is one at my tractor suply for 150$ but I would never think one would go in it.

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