Getting 2 ducks what to feed?


10 Years
May 21, 2009
New york
My Rouen ducks are comeing from ideal hatchery tmw. What should I feed them? I don't want to buy anymore feed these are the feeds I have on hand for the other birds

purina layena crumbles
game/turkey finisher 16% pro
purina flock raiser
grower mash from the local mill unmedicated

What should I feed the chicks?


Also I heard they need to drink while eating other wise they can choke is this true?
The grower mash should be fine. I had my call ducks on the chick starter and they grew up just fine. I don't know if they will choke but they do drink alot while they eat. Mine would take their food and go to the waterer and drink with the food in their mouth otherwise they would drop it in the water and then eat it. They were really messy too! I changed their cage 3 times a day. They also like to spash alot too.
Oh and make sure you clip their wings....mine flew south for the winter. Oh well maybe they will come back in spring
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I don't see the Rouens ever getting off the ground more than 2 inches...mine run like the devil is after them flapping frantically and nothing happens...they stop, look around like they are embarrassed and like they are wondering what possessed them to do that...they are a lot bigger than Mallards...little fatties...

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