getting 25 cornish cross within a couple days!!!


6 Years
May 16, 2013
Grand Ledge, MI
SOOO excited for my meat birds to come in! a few issues i have is trying to feed them organic food the protein % is lower than what I'm reading... and the feed instructions on some of the feed is odd....

I have read i should start our with 22%+ protein then come down to 20% after a few weeks....
the highest organic i can find is 20% and 18%

i understand its only a few % but should it matter? will they just grow a little bit slower? any help would be great

Right now I'm looking at the natures best organic feed, and also there is a organic farm 90 min away from me that sells 20 and 18% as well

A nervous soon to be dad of 25!!
They will be fine....

Meat birds are incredible, they grow so fast it's hard to even comprehend. They will do just fine on 20%

If it we're me I would just feed them the 20% that should even out any minor loss in performance you may have. At this point we are splitting hairs. They will do great

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