Getting 6 chicks tomorrow!!! And I have a few questions :-)

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    Mar 15, 2016
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    Hello all!
    I wanted to introduce myself.
    I'm Sara, and getting six 6-10 week old chicks tomorrow. I was so happy to find organic feed at the local feed store today! So we are definitely off to a good start.
    I picked a Wyandotte, a Barred Plymouth Rock, a Easter egger, a Silkie, a Buff orpington and a Buff brahmas.
    The lady said the silkie and brahma are fragile breeds and I should be careful and watch for them picking on them.
    Also the silkie is non sexed and could turn out to be a rooster with no exchange option! I'm thinking if that happens I will keep him and get another silkie hen. But there would need to be some expansion plans with that lol.
    I added a pic of my coop and run when we were in the process of making it predator proof (or so we thought,) we added a skirt of hardware cloth that went outwards, and later added a hardware cloth flooring.
    We only have a few minor changes we need to make to the yard before we can let them out to free range.
    This has been such a cold week in Ventura County even with rain last night and this morning. Which I am so grateful for!
    I'm thinking I will need to set up a heat lamp in their coop.
    Also what is everyone's experience with keeping them in the coop before letting them into the run? I've read everything from one day to several weeks.
    I am not opposed to them staying in their longer because of predators.
    Also what does everyone use for bedding inside the coop? Has anyone tried the deep litter method?
    I have seen it in the run but is that also something that's done in the coop?
    Thank you!
    I can't wait to get to know all of you and share my pics!
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    Since you are keeping them in the coop / run area, there's no particular need to keep them in the coop for any length of time. You will readily be able to round 'em up and into the coop.

    I use dried grass clippings / leaves in my coop, around 6" deep. I just rake it over every morning - takes less than 30 seconds and change the whole bedding every 6 months or so.

    Not sure about them needing additional heat, but I have no experience of keeping chickens in cold weather.

    If you could raise your coop a couple of feet off the ground, you would significantly increase the size of your run (as well as provide a place to keep your feed dry). A rule of thumb is that each bird requires at least 10sqft in the run, and 4sqft in the coop.

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