Getting a Charcoal (Pilgrim) turkey color pattern


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Sep 14, 2012
Hi,I just saw a few of those turkeys and I simply love them,here are few pics tom.jpg
So I can see the that those turkeys have a lot of bronze turkey blod in them,as their base color is bronze,so thats why I am getting some heritige bronze turkeys from grimaud freres,but wich with I should cross them ? I tought about 3 breeds and I want you advise wich one would be the best for getting this color pattern and a good size.
So those are the breeds I tought I should cross them with
-BB white
-Royal palm
Those are the breeds I can get and I think probably the calico is the best choice.Tell me what do you think ? Wich one should be the best to cross with the bronze and get this pattern.


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Jun 30, 2010
Aitkin, MN
Well, you ask what to breed a standard bronze to to create a charcoal turkey. It would help if you knew the genetics of a charcoal turkey. When I searched google to see what the genetics were, I got this post. Hmm. Not a lot of information out there.

The bird looks sort of like an Oregon Grey, but lacks the barred wings. Could it be a black-winged based Oregon Grey, even though the wings are white. Maybe. In this case you need to cross with a royal palm, and then cross back to a royal palm. And then only a fraction of the offspring will be black-wing based with grey genes and no Narragansett. But I'm not even sure that's what you're looking for.

My only reason for thinking so is that I have produced a bird that looks similar to a charcoal that I believe is a black-winged bird with both gray and Narragansett genes. It has white wings like the charcoal. It also has an amazing dappled tail. If you take out the Narragansett?

That's my best guess. If you find a site discussing the genetics of the charcoal, let me know and I could make a better recipe for getting some.

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