Getting A Friend For Honky!!


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Jul 29, 2013
I have one goose named Honky. Honky is around 1 yrs. old. Not really sure, but Honky appeared in my yard about 8 weeks ago. I knew nothing about geese, but now I have found y'all and I am learning real fast. thanks for that.
Don't think my goose is lonely, but I know they are flock birds, so he might be. It has a very nice life. Very safe from preds, pool, house, straw, great food. I know that he/she does not know the difference, but it is all there to keep him healthy and safe.
I made a large mirror for him with plexiglass and mirror film. It works great to make a safe mirror. Honky loves the mirror. He would sit at it and look at himself all day if I let him. So that is really cute, but it made me start thinking he might be lonely? I also bought a goose decoy that looks pretty much like him. He also likes that. Gets real close to it and seems to be puffing his chest, like he's taking a big breath, and I never seen it's neck so tall. Then just stands next to it. Do y'all think that it is a gander? I am almost sure that it is an Embden. It has some gray feathers on sides and back and chest. I hear so many stories that it is a boy and other say it is a girl or it is young and hasn't lost them yet. So not sure.
I want to get Honky a friend. A real friend....I would like to get a Toulouse Goose. Please tell me what you think about that type of bird to be with an Embden. Also I would like to get the opposite sex because I would think if Honky is a boy he would prefer a girl. But I really don't know. My question is, should I have 2 males or 1 male and 1 female? If Honky is a girl, will it be ok to have 2 females? would they get along? I thought that I will get a girl and that would be safe for Honky being a girl or boy. I don't want to wait for spring to see what Honky is. That's a long time away, and I would like to help Honky be happier than he is now. If I got 2 males, will they be all crazy at mating season? I've never experienced that. I'm I hear, Im all set with that. Crazy Goose
I would appreciate all your info and knowledge. Thanks!

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Your best bet is to get a female. Two females or a male and a female should do fine together. 2 males MIGHT do fine together, but there is a big chance that they will not like each other during mating season (not as big of a chance if there are no females around to fight over). Geese get very lonely, and a friend is a good idea.

Good luck!

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Dec 17, 2011
Congrats to Honky for finding you! Very cute pictures. Good luck finding him a goose companion. A Toulouse is a very good choice. Miss Lydia has an embden gande and Toulouse goose pair that are adorable together and will make beautiful babies.

Miss Lydia

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Honky and His Decoy Friend!

That is so cute.

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