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Jul 29, 2013
I have one goose named Honky. Honky is around 1 yrs. old. Not really sure, but Honky appeared in my yard about 8 weeks ago. I knew nothing about geese, but now I have found y'all and I am learning real fast. thanks for that.
Don't think my goose is lonely, but I know they are flock birds, so he might be. It has a very nice life. Very safe from preds, pool, house, straw, great food. I know that he/she does not know the difference, but it is all there to keep him healthy and safe.
I made a large mirror for him with plexiglass and mirror film. It works great to make a safe mirror. Honky loves the mirror. He would sit at it and look at himself all day if I let him. So that is really cute, but it made me start thinking he might be lonely? I also bought a goose decoy that looks pretty much like him. He also likes that. Gets real close to it and seems to be puffing his chest, like he's taking a big breath, and I never seen it's neck so tall. Then just stands next to it. Do y'all think that it is a gander? I am almost sure that it is an Embden. It has some gray feathers on sides and back and chest. I hear so many stories that it is a boy and other say it is a girl or it is young and hasn't lost them yet. So not sure.
I want to get Honky a friend. A real friend....I would like to get a Toulouse Goose. Please tell me what you think about that type of bird to be with an Embden. Also I would like to get the opposite sex because I would think if Honky is a boy he would prefer a girl. But I really don't know. My question is, should I have 2 males or 1 male and 1 female? If Honky is a girl, will it be ok to have 2 females? would they get along? I thought that I will get a girl and that would be safe for Honky being a girl or boy. I don't want to wait for spring to see what Honky is. That's a long time away, and I would like to help Honky be happier than he is now. If I got 2 males, will they be all crazy at mating season? I've never experienced that. I'm I hear, Im all set with that. Crazy Goose
I would appreciate all your info and knowledge. Thanks!

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Your best bet is to get a female. Two females or a male and a female should do fine together. 2 males MIGHT do fine together, but there is a big chance that they will not like each other during mating season (not as big of a chance if there are no females around to fight over). Geese get very lonely, and a friend is a good idea.

Good luck!
Congrats to Honky for finding you! Very cute pictures. Good luck finding him a goose companion. A Toulouse is a very good choice. Miss Lydia has an embden gande and Toulouse goose pair that are adorable together and will make beautiful babies.
Honky and His Decoy Friend!

That is so cute.

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