** Getting a hovobator to hatch Emu Eggs**

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    Nov 18, 2012
    Hi I am getting a 2362N Hovobator I am going to try to hatch maybe 3 or 4 eggs can anyone tell me any info on it? or where I can get some info on hatching emus I know I will have to hand turn them ? but how many times aday will I need to do that and will I need to turn them at the same time everyday?

    Thanks for any info on this I really thank you guys for all the help
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    Just check on here in this section of the forum for the hatch-a-long threads..

    you can also check the two links in my signature

    i turn mine 5 times a day.. others only turn them 3 times..

    and yes.. they do need to be turned about the same time a day.. it won't hurt if you are off by a half hour or so here and there (we do realize you have a life).. but you do need to remember to turn them as close to the same time every day as possible.

    Incubating the eggs is a commitment.. but so is raising and caring for the emus.. [​IMG]

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