Getting a lot closer!


Jun 17, 2016
Pearland, TX
I’m getting so antsy to get our greenhouse to chicken coop conversion done! 3 full days of work so far and this is how far we’ve gotten. Not too bad! Husband’s out of town the next 3 days, but hopes to take half days at work the rest of the week and try to knock out the rest and have it DONE! Here’s some before and in progress pictures!
I wish! Lol! I do hope to get the interior painted since we’ve already got paint for that, but depends a lot on the weather since it’s supposed to rain today. And how much trouble the toddler can find to get into! :rolleyes:

Toddler can finger paint... oh wait that's what you can do with grandkids just before you give them back to the parents. The conversion is looking real good.

Nice sized space.
Do you plan on adding more ventilation?
Could be an oven in your climate.

Yes, we’ll be adding some more yet. We’re switching out the current plastic roof with a metal one and will do techshield decking under it. And we’ll also be opening up all the soffit that’s currently blocked off to allow a lot more circulation of hot air up and out. Once the chickens move in and the weather heats up we’ll see how things go on if we need to add any more later on. On the plus side, the building is mostly shaded the whole afternoon, so that will help a lot, too.
Didn’t get a picture of the outside before it got dark, but we got trim up on the corners and around the windows. Plan on getting some paint samples tomorrow to finally pick a color! Got the chicken door and dividing wall up inside! And hubby drug the big ugly pipes out of the way this evening!

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