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I am a first time chicken owner, just got my first flock on may 19th (day old chicks from a hatchery). I didn't order any roos but ended up with Max anyway, a beautiful BA roo. He was killed a few weeks ago by a neighbors dog
and now that we have finished our coop and have all the girls successfully moved in I would love to add a roo or two. My question is: Can I look for a roo or two to rehome that are about the same age as my current flock or should I just order chicks and wait for them to grow up? Would having two roos be trouble, I have a flock of 16 pullets just at pol? I'm afraid that two would just fight all the time. How does one go about the quarantine period? Do the birds have to be completely geographically separated for 30 days? My "run" is a fenced area about 50'x40', could I just portion off an area and put a temp coop for them? Sorry so many questions in one post, I was just so heartbroken
over the loss of my roo and dont want to go through that again.
Thanks in advance for any advice.
You could try putting a big wire cage in the run with the rooster in the cage and the girls in the run for a week or so, so they will get to know each other, I have done this many times and in works well, there will still be some pecking but not as much. When you finally do put them together let them out in an area where the rooster has places to run, but don't leave them unattended until they are all getting along. As far as quarantine I would seperate them away from each other until you know the rooster is healthy.

Also how far are you willing to drive? I live in Dallas and have an extra rooster that I would be willing to rehome. He is 18 weeks old and is a Red star/ EE cross that I hatched myself.

I have 3 roosters with my 16 or so hens. After establishing their pecking order, they don't fight at all. If you lived closer, I'd be happy to donate one of mine. Before winter I will be down to 1 roo and 9 hens.
Thank you all for your replies. And Piper2009 I sure wish Dallas was a bit closer, but you are a five hour drive...yikes! Hopefully I can find someone needing to rehome a few roos. Just to be clear, I do need to quarantine them away from the other chickens for at least thirty days? I have ten acres so its not really a problem, just need to put up a temp shelter and run for them.
I would pen them away from the others for 30 days so that you can be sure that they are healthy, because some diseases take longer to show signs than others.

I am planning on bringing some new girls, the same age as my rooster, home this weekend so he will have his own flock.

I have the pen ready and temp housing in that pen. The girls are all coming from the same home and I will put them in the chicken tractor for quarantine. The advice that was given me was to keep them far apart for several weeks to assure there is no illness. I sure would not want to risk my flock to a disease.

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