Getting back to the Maine


7 Years
May 28, 2012
Hancock County, Maine
Found this site looking for a local (Ellsworth to Bangor, Maine) breeder(s) to purchase a little starter flock (a bantum rooster and 4 or 5 hens). Would prefer bantum hens (Wyndottes, Hambergs, a Silky, Ameraucanas) or maybe Hambergs or Rosecomb Rrown Leghorns, Lakenvelters, Polish, etc.IE small, clean leg, rose or pea comb, good layers, cold tolerant, and ,hopefully, reasonably docile and friendly.

Have kept chickens and/or ducks for the last 40 years until I had to sell my flock of K. Campbells lats year when my husband suddenly passed. Couldn't manage the ducks care but have figured out I could manage a small flock of chickens with the right arrangements. Do miss the ducks, they were facinating to watch and great layers.

I am in a wheelchair so looking for suggestions for making management arrangements which will be accesable and low maintance (have some ideas already like access to coop through attached shed and ability to access nest boxes, water, and to open the coop's pen-access door from shed without going in coop or outside in the snow. Thinking of a suspended time feeder and deep pine shavings litter).

I am sure there are breeders in my area, or maybe lthers who would like chicks (and don't want 25) who would split an order, but would prefer to buy from local breeders if possible (believe strongly in the importance of suporting local farmers).
Mary in Maine
You should post on the Maine thread. Lots of nice folks & good breeders.

and WELCOME to Maine!

I just moved here last year & got chickens about a week later. Things really are the way they should be here.

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