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    Jul 30, 2009

    I goofed a bit with our first chickens (barred rock pullets), now 10 weeks old. We left the nest boxes open when we put them in the coop. Of course they love to pile in and sleep together in the next boxes. Yesterday we closed off the nest boxes and put a roost in for them.

    In the evening they were very disappointed not to be able to get in the nest boxes. I put them on the roost and I think they stayed there for the night, or a least several hours until I peeked in later on.

    How long should I leave the nest boxes closed to break them of the habit of using them for slumber parties?
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    Probably best to keep them closed off until the first of your pullets are at "point of lay" - 16 to 20+ weeks or so - when they start "squatting" for you when you approach them, are developing red combs and wattles, etc., showing that they are getting ready to lay. There is no reason to open the nests up earlier than that, and the 10 week-olds are getting to the place where they will be ready to roost up high, so that should work out well.

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