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Mar 18, 2012
my chickens are fouth months old and i have had them for two months now and they don't roost all four of them just huddle in a corner on the floor in the run and in the coop and i have a few roosts outside and one long roost in the coop big enough for all of them to sit but they still huddle in the corner. i go in sometimes and pick them up and put them on the roosts during the day and right when i put them to bed i try. they will sit on it for a little while and then just hop off. they also dont know how to get in the nesting boxes and none of them are to high off the ground that they cant get in or on. What should i do because i am expecting eggs in two months and i dont want the egss all over the floor?
I wouldn't worry to much if they are safe in the coop. You're right at four months they should at least perch some times during the day at least. They will get it eventually. With my present set up I have a day perch in the run. When they were young I hand fed them treats while they were on the perch. Even now when I give them something some of them jump up to see if I'll hand feed them there. You can try that to get them used to being on the perch. At this point not being interested in the nest boxes is a good thing, you don't want them to start sleeping in them. When they are getting ready to lay they'll start to look for places to lay.
I have about 30 4 month silkies, tophats, and other bantams and only about 3/4 of them roost. They have been in this coop for about 2 months and some of them just don't want to. They lay in a pile in the corner. So who am I to care lol. They seem to be doing alright. It's also like all silkie Roos who are sleeping piled up together. Too funny.
Thanks for the advice i will try the treats but i guess if they are safe it doesnt matter if they sleep on the floor so thank you very much!!
thanks and actually just by putting roosts where they like to sleep in the run has made them get more familiar with them and I went in this morning and the smallest hen (Runt) was sleeping on the roost I was so proud of her!

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