Getting Chickens


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
Winton, North Carolina
I need help!!!!!! I am in the process of getting chickens and I was wondering is it better to get chicks, pullets or hens!?! Any feedback anyone has would be very helpful thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It really depends on your goals and your resources. Chicks are very cute and fun but they will need a brooder kept at the correct temp and need more care than adult birds. Pullets are teenagers basically and are usually sold right before laying age this can be nice if you want to own the bird for the whole of it's egg laying years but don't wan to deal with chicks. You may or may not have to wait a bit for eggs depending on how the bird matures. An adult bird may lay the fastest for you (after an initial adjustment period) and sometimes you can find people getting rid of older birds for free or cheap but depending on the age you get them they could be already well into their laying years.

What are your goals in getting chickens and what kind of time/care can you give? I think that will help you know what is best.

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