Getting chicks in the coop to roost


5 Years
Apr 1, 2015
Westchester County, NY
My mixed breed flock of 16, 6-9 week old chicks have been out in the run for 3 days. We kept them in the coop for 5 days without letting them out (transitioning from the brooder). They love being out in the run all day but we have had to round them up and put them in the coop each night so far. Any suggestions for encouraging going in on their own?
My 6 week old chicks moved in to the coop Saturday. I've only let them in the run a few hours after work. I was doing the dishes and saw a few on the ramp so I figured I'd take advantage. I went into the back of the coop and shook the mealworm jar. One came in then they all started to follow.
We each have our own tricks to teach our chicks to go into the coop when dusk comes. You have to be inventive. Some get inside with a flashlight and beckon the chicks inside. I get into the coop and call to them because they've learned to come to me when I do that since they know I have treats for them. Sometimes I stand at the coop entrance outside and call them. When they get to me I put them through the pop hole. Once inside, I place them on the perch until they know to do it by themselves.

Sometimes they learn very quickly and in just a few nights, they are doing it on their own. Other chicks require weeks before they put themselves inside.

But they ALL eventually learn to do it. Patience!
Thanks for your advice. All being implemented! I tried the treats (i had green grapes) in the coop and calling to them and 5 of them responded. I'll keep trying
Mine are evidently slow learners! They stayed in the coop for about a week, then went out into the run. It's been 3 weeks+ and I still have to put them up at night. I do put them up before dark, which probably doesn't help. I go in with the garden rake & make sshh noises. The zip right in. Without the rake, we have issues. I don't hit or chase them with the rake, go figure
The roost in our coop is up pretty high. Should we put a smaller roost in closer to the ground, or just put them up there at night? They all just lay down in side the coop near eachother right now at night.
Your roost is probably too high then. Try giving them an interim roost or a ladder to use until they get the hang of it.

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