Getting ducks tomarrow please answer my question :)


6 Years
Nov 5, 2013
I seen baby pekin ducks at the feed store and I think I'm gonna get two and maybe 3 chicks with them I got the pond and living quarters but I have chickens... There grown but there not staying with them but my question is when they grow up and I introduce the new ducks and chickens is it going to be hell??! Because later down the line I see more ducks and chickens and maybe even geese all my animals free range like my flock of chickens sleep where they want to they have a coop but don't sleep in there but if I get ducks I might make them all sleep at night in there for now on so the only time they will be with eachother is when they go to sleep and first wake up and later down the line like I said I might get geese so do these animals have problems living with eachother ?? It's a big barn and I don't know yet if I'm going to make the chickens sleep in the coop I usually lock them up during winter for warmth but summers here so they can sleep where they drop but if there's anything I should know about baby ducks or anything??
your ducks and chickens will get along fine.....mine do....
and I also have peafowl and guineas and all do fine together.....
some are penned together yet some of each breed are free rangers...

but... you will need to have something for the babies since there
is no mama to keep them warm but guess you have already planned for that.

enjoy! ( ')>
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The only thing I would do differently is keep food and water available to them 24/7 for at least the first 8 weeks. My ducks have food with water all the time.

Many people have both chickens and ducks, and other fowl as well. Biggest trouble is drakes trying to mate with chickens - very dangerous for the chickens.

Please stay in touch - many of us have had to learn all about ducks.
Thank so much for the reply show do you tell if there drakes and I can't get no roosters I already have two that fight which one I'm trying to rehome
If they are like my runners, in about 3 or 4 weeks the girls will start to honk sometimes, and then do more like a quack. The boys have a whaspy mumble.
Oh okay and yes I do have a heat lamp but there going to stay outside with the heat lamp and i might whip something up so they can have alittle thing to go in so I don't have no snakes that will get them I'm really excited and about the water I was just going to bath them everyday for water time because I don't want my chickens to drown and can they eat chick starter or is there something that they can both eat so I'm not buying two different feeds
Chick starter is okay, if it were me I would add 100 mg of plain niacin to each gallon of their drinking water.

Ducklings need water to drink 24/7. It is also best if they have food 24/7, too, since they grow so quickly. They need to be able to frequently wash their heads in plain water to prevent serious eye, sinus and ear infections. They have a special relationship with water - they are waterfowl.

And often, chicks don't do well in the best environment for ducklings. You may need to split the brooder.

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