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  1. RuPaul the Rooster

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    Mar 22, 2010
    I have 2 hens that were given to me by a guy my dad knows. I guess from what I've learned here on byc, that my girls are Easter-eggers. My Dad's friend said they were Amerac....? that are crossed with Game foul. One is white and has the tufts of feathers on her face, but her eggs are light tan. The other is white with a lot of speckels or laced feathers and her eggs are a beautiful blue.
    My Game roo, a recent widower and confirmed free-ranger, is now happily settled down to live in my safe fenced backyard and protects the girls in their henhouse(our greenhouse).
    The girls have decided to co-op their egg laying and have 22 eggs in one nesting box.(I provided 3) The white hen started sitting all the eggs by herself until a few days ago. Now the other hen is sitting with her. The eggs should start hatching any time now.[​IMG]

    My questions are; Is there any problems with bothe hens brooding one communal nest? And what do you think these chicks will gro up to look like?[​IMG]
    I'm hoping they will look/act mostly game. I love my handsome roo!
    I bought chick mash today! I'm sooo excited. I also have on hand a small plastic wading pool and a big bag of mulched paper pet litter just in case of a problem that I would need to intervene and bring them in. I can get a heat lamp quickly if I have too:cool: But I hope that two mother hens can raise all of the chicks until they are big enough to take care of themselves.
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    Mar 3, 2009
    I would say you shoudl be fine .. I have heard of upto three hens sitting the same nest and all the mothers caring for the chicks/...

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