Getting my Duck a new friend.

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by ACDKMT, Aug 12, 2014.


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    Feb 23, 2013
    I have 3 ducks total, 2 male 1 female, 2 of them are seperated from my other male for obvious reasons, but my 1 boy needs a friend since i cant be home all the time. Would a goose be ok as a friend? If so, could the goose be male and i wouldnt have any problems? Side notes, my male thats alone tends to be dominant but thats because he wants to mate, and if it matters he is a Pekin. I am aware that if/when i get this new friend they needed to be introduced slowly with a lot of supervision.
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    Only my 2 cents here but i don't think a gander and a drake would make good pairing they are both going to want to mate and it just wouldn't be nice. I had a gander with Scovy ducks for 5 yrs before I added a goose for him and he mated the ducks fine they never minded at all. So if you can find another duck and doesn't have to be a Pekin any large breed will work, then make a goose secondary in your search.

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