Getting My fist Coturnix Quail...


9 Years
Nov 25, 2010
Orem, Utah.
I just finished my post on how to hatch Coturnix, I got all info possibly needed, and now I want to know what to do after they hatch and as they grow up. (I know I sound annoying and desperate and most of you are probably saying I should go online and look it up. I have theres only 2 sites that actually say what I want to know. Plus I want advice from experienced breeders and raisers.) Here I go. I'm getting 20 eggs. I'm guessing a few eggs won't make it and a few chicks will die along the way. So I'll end up with around 10 quail. First thing I want to know is what kind of brooding they need. I heard they do better with a Red heat lamp. I think it's no difference. Second, Can I feed them Quail & Gamebird feed? Or do they need gamebird starter? I raised my turkey on gamebird feed and she did fine. Third. Do I need to decrease temeprature by 5 degrees each week? When are they old enough to be outside? When they are old enough to be outside what type of housing do they need? (I CANNOT keep them inside) I have a small pen that's about 4x4 feet. With a dog carrier for them to go into at night (the pen is off the ground). I use it for my pullets. By the time the quail are old enough to be outside, that pen will be empty. Can about 10-15 quail fit in there happily? That's about it. I'll ask more questions as they get older. I'll post pics and keep you guys updated on the hatch! Thank you! BTW please feel free to tell me anything else I need to know about raising them.
Well done Dirk!
Other than a few of the finer points, you have it all down, and NO...I'm not patronizing you!

Well done my friend!
WOW Thanks! You really helped me out alot! So right when they hatch and fluff up do I give them food or water? Or right when they hatch and are still kind of wet do i take them out and give tehm food and water?

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