Getting only two female bantams? :/


10 Years
May 12, 2009
The Pacific Northwest
Hey you guys. I have a dilemma and can't decide what to do..

I've had my chickens for about 8 months, they were ordered from MPC. I ordered six, six standards, two of which are silkies. One of the silkies ended up being a roo, so it was promptly re-homed.
This winter, the lone silkie has been going broody what seems like constantly. She has also begun to be picked on, quite harshly by the bigger birds, and it's gotten even worse as of late. So, I've decided to separate the silkie.
Although the silkie's new run will still be sharing a fence with the other chickens, I want to give her a couple of buddies. These would preferably be bantams, as I have limited space, and the silkie is quite small.
My dilemma: how to go about acquiring two bantam hens? I also am keeping bio-security in mind, and would prefer them to be chicks...
So, order fertile eggs, give them to the broody hen, hope that they hatch and that they're hens (rehome the roos)? Or, find someone who's ordering from My Pet Chicken in my area and is willing to add two banties to their order (and hope that they're hens)?

Sorry for the novel, but it's been a conundrum for several weeks now, and I'd like to solve it earlier rather than later...
If she wants to go broody and you can get fertile eggs I'd just go that route. It's true that they are flock animals and happiest in a group, but if she wants to spend the next couple of months being a mamma she won't be doing any socializing anyhow. Letting her brood the eggs solves the quarintine dilema and the introducing new birds dilema--A very, very good thing IMO.

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