getting pullets to lay again???


10 Years
Mar 25, 2009
I've got 2 bantam cochins that had been laying me eggs everyday for a month or so then I swapped housing and added a different roo in with them and they have quit laying on me for 2 weeks or more now. Is there anything you can do to get them to lay again or is it just going to take time? They are on 16% layer feed now if I upped it to 22% game bird feed and added oyster shell would this help?
It is just going to take time. They were stressed out by the move to a new location and a change in the flock dynamics.

Question: Have they started to molt from the stress? It does not always take a change of light to start a molt. Stress can cause one also. Here's a link that might help you determine if a molt has started.

Mississippi State describes molting

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