getting purebred eggs???


10 Years
Jan 12, 2010
Anderson, CA
I am thinking about buying some pure Cochin eggs from a local seller off Craigslist. Can someone please tell me how long a hen and rooster have to be together before the eggs are pure? Maybe that didn't make sense
Let me try again.

This person has had her chickens free ranging together all winter. They say they will have purebred eggs come spring when they seperate their chickens. So how long do they have to be seperate before you know the hen is only laying breed specific eggs? Does that make sense?

I've read here it's 4 weeks before you can be sure they are pure.

There's an egg for sale section here on BYC, did you check it out? I've had great luck with sellers here.
Thank you. It seems that the agreed upon time is 4 weeks.. I am glad that I asked since the seller said that 10 days is more than long enough. Maybe I will look on BYC for my eggs instead of Craigslist.
10 days is cutting it close, but you can get purebred eggs after that amount of time. I have with my test batches. But unless she's already hatched out her test eggs, she would have no way of knowing for sure.
There have been some stunning cochin eggs for sale here. If you don't see anything in the current auctions, go to the expired auctions, find what you like and PM the person.

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