Getting ready to put silkie and assorted chicken eggs in hatcher!!!!


8 Years
Mar 6, 2011
This is our first hatch, will all you pros out there review our process thus far and tell us what you think?

Equipment - Incubator - Hova Bator 1620 N (with self installed 12v computer fan)
Compatable egg turner (Holds 42 eggs)
Hatcher - Older Model Hova Bator with self installed 12v computer fan

Eggs - 27 assorted colored silkie (30 minus 3 that were unfertile)(ordered from online auction from a seller with great reviews and plenty of pics of flock)
4 eggs from neighbors flock of random chickens. 5 Saxony Duck Eggs

Note - All chicken eggs were stored for 2 days with pointy ends down at 60 degrees. Duck eggs were put in the turner 1 day after chicken eggs. (Aware duck eggs take 28 days and require a bit higher humidity especially towards the last week or so)

Dates - All chicken eggs were put in the incubator on the morning of Febuary 17th, Ducks on the morning of the 18th.

Temp and Humidity - Maintained average temp of 99.1 to 101 and humidity roughly between 50% and 60%.

Candeling - Day 17 (Yesterday) All eggs had movement and healthy looking air sacks on the large end of the egg.

The hatcher is now holding steady at 99.5 degrees and holding a humidity level of 65% avg, we are putting the chicken eggs in tonight and leaving the saxony duck eggs in the incubator until March 13th. We are crossing our fingers and trying to be patient unil the 9th or 10th. Wish us Luck. (P.S Brooder is minutes away from being ready)

Thanks for reviewing, any tips will be most helpful::jumpyweee:weee:weee:weee:jumpy

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