Getting red comb


11 Years
Mar 15, 2008
100 miles SOUTH of Atlanta
I have 25 new RiR hens. 3 of them have grown a comb & the others are just getting started. These 3 have small waddels & the comb & ears are BEET red - thats usully a sign of getting ready to lay. BUT these hens are only three monhs old, they were born on 4th of july. ! WHATS UP?
(& they don't seem t act like roos eather)
I'm far from an expert, but my RIR's combs were red early too. The size of the comb seems to play a big part, as only one is laying (20 weeks) and her comb is huge compared to the others. I would rely on size more than color. When the combs flop get out the fry pan.
I have 10 RIR'S 6 are 25 weeks & 4 are 22 weeks. Two have big combs I mean red & falling over also big red wattles. I thought holy cow I have 2 roos which I don't want. Well, I started getting an egg a day. Yea. Well I wanted to find out who was laying. So I caught her & low an behold it was the rooster looking one. I was happy about that. Now If I could catch the other rooster looking one laying I'd be even happier. I"ll get a picture & show you .
They might be just a little ahead of the curve. And they could also be males that got slipped in. I would not expect a truly red comb in a female at that age, but stranger things have happened. That's why i thought pictures would be nice.
looks like a hen to me, you may want to get that fry pan out soon.

Yep!!! Just finished breakfast. She layed at 10 am so I had to wait . But it was worth it. Everything I ate was raised at 7L. I had venision sausage Which was killed here, eggs from the babes, & green onions from the garden,& well water.

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