getting rid of sparrows?

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by dublinfeather, Nov 17, 2014.

  1. dublinfeather

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    Jun 5, 2014
    Does anyone have a good method of keeping the house sparrows from eating all of the food from the feeders? I don't want to make a treadle feeder just keep them away from the food.
  2. gawildlife

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    Nov 3, 2014
    Hampton, GA

    This is one option but without controlling both the availability of feed AND the access the sparrows have to your coop you will be using that trap until the end of time.

    Personally, if you approached me as a potential client and told me up front what you just posted I would politely wish you luck and shake your hand and walk away because nothing I could do would solve your problem.
  3. aliciasimon

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    Sep 24, 2013
    We have the same problem at our house. We have a coop that is completely enclosed with chicken wire. Sparrows find a hole somewhere, or make one, and they get in. Lots of them. It's very frustrating. I like the trap mentioned above. For our coop - we are thinking about removing the chicken wire and replacing it with hardware cloth.
  4. Naser

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    Oct 29, 2014
    Try Wright feeder it is cheap and effective against wild birds and rodents. I haven't seen sparrows trying mine but I see magpies trying with no success
  5. Cabin Katie

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    Nov 16, 2014
    I've heard that if you hang up old cd's on strings the flashes will scare birds away. I did it once because I had an owl problem and it worked [​IMG] A good way to get rid of cd's from your youth you might be ashamed of as well lulz. Low cost as well.

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