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Discussion in 'Quail' started by mandelyn, Jan 10, 2011.

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    Many years ago I ordered 75 quail eggs thinking not many would hatch. Ended up with 64 birds. Too many! They were wild, attempted escape every time I opened the cage doors, and I sold them all and didn't try it again. I don't know that much about them, and didn't then. Now I'm thinking about them again, but starting out with only 2 pairs of grown birds this time.

    Found a seller near by, birds are 6-10 weeks old. But I need to get a habitat together.

    I want them for "fun".. not any sort of major operation with rows of cages. Two cages, two pairs.

    They need 2 square ft or more?

    They eat Game bird feed? (like Mannapro game bird... I already have some)

    Grit? Yes, no, only if they're getting seed? Pet bird grit that's small? I have some from when I raised an orphan dove.

    Can they be kept indoors? I want a house pet BAD. Resisting the urge to get a parrot because of how much time they require. I'm thinking a double stacked custom built cage.

    Do they really lay almost every day, year round? Or is it seasonal? (button quail)

    What else can they eat... are there any plants? I was almost leaning towards doing a "wild" habitat with sand/dirt on the floor and planting live plants they could eat... I have this perfectly useless room just the right size for something like that. I would need temporary housing while I built such a thing... but how cool would that be. Like my own private zoo exhibit or something. I always had this dream of having a giant indoor aviary with living trees and all. Can't do that in this house, but I could really do something cool. I know they're ground dwellers, so more floor space is better than height, right?

    Tell me about this "crow" the boys do, is it loud? Cute? Annoying?

    I've read that they prefer to be kept in pairs. Can I pick the pairs, or will the birds decide who their mate will be?

    Wire or solid cage bottoms? I've seen both. Which and why?

    Can you make pets of them, or will they always be flighty? I was thinking if the birds I end up with aren't friendly at all and show no inclination to at least stay calm when I enter the room, I would hatch babies and handle them a lot, and swap out who I'm keeping. I just keep having flash backs to when I hatched them for the first time and they were SO wild.

    Will females live happily together without a male? I was thinking a 3rd cage with extra girls. But I don't know much about their social dynamics.

    When ever I get a new pet, I like to know what I'm getting into and make sure they're provided for correctly. Last time I was a kid and didn't know what I was getting into.

    Are they as dusty as other birds?

    Do they throw as much food?

    Will they scratch bedding out? (will help determine what sort of cage)

    Do they ever perch?

    Do they "hide" nests or make a nest in general?

    Quail crash course please!

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    Since you will have two pairs, you need two separate habitats. The pairs are monogamous, they will kill each other, the females can be vicious too. These are unique little birds and nothing like other quail. There is a sticky on them. You can read info on my website as well.

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