Getting some eggs for Silkie


11 Years
May 27, 2012
Morgan Hill California
Well my poor silkie has gone broody again and I just lost my silver wyandotte Millie
so I want to get some eggs for her to hatch because now Im down to 4 chickens. If I get a couple of silkie eggs do you think the bigger chickens will pick on them when they are full grown because they are smaller? The silkie hatched a couple of plymouth rocks for me and they worked out fine (Hilda and Tilda) except for much later on Hilda started picking on poor silkie so bad after a while I had to get rid of her. I was thinking about a couple of blue bantam silikes and maybe one other full size chicken. Chickens are so much fun. Losing Millie was tough tho. Im going to post her problem on a different thread and see if I get any hits. Thanks!
Its Kim again, by the way I have 2 plymouth rocks and a buff orpington right now. They're sweeties. Except Molly is a little piggie sometimes and stole my bagel right out of my hand. I have to hide from her if I come outside eating something.

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