Getting some gray peacock pheasants

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    Aug 29, 2012
    I am very happy and feeling lucky right now. I have been looking all over to get a pair of gray peacock pheasants to start my peacock pheasant collection. But i would like to deal with local people then shiping in when i can. This weekend I went to the local swap to sell some peacocks, pheasants, and some guinea fowl. This nice lady came up to me and was telling me I had the biggest ring neck pheasant she has ever seen in ever (and I do agree he was the biggest I ever had). As we talked I told her how I was slowly getting out of the ringnecks so I can focus on peacock pheasants and how I wanted to stray with the grays since they are the more common ones to see if that's the way I want to go with my collection. And she told me that she has breeding pairs and told me a whole lot about them. She made me happier then a tornado in a trailer park lol. We spend a long time talking and I learned a lot about them. She gave me her number and told me when I was done building the new pen to give her a call. So guess what I'm starting on the new pen this week.

    I was thinking about going with a 8'x16' pen with a tin roof and the walls 1/2 covered and the other half 1x2 wire. The 1/2 that will be covered is to keep the winter north wind out of the encloser. What do you guys/gals think of my idea? Any suggestions? I can do almost anything so I'm a open book. From bigger or smaller pen to covering 3 walls to all walls to wire. I am a open book. Also suggestion for plaints that will do well in there that don't need much light.

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