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Apr 19, 2014
SW Florida
I've enjoyed reading articles for tips and decided to join today.

I ordered a Cackle Hatchery "Hatchery Surprise" to be delivered the week of May 5th (I can't wait!) But, I couldn't resist and bought 3 California Whites and 2 Rhode Island Reds today at the local feed store. They will be in Easter baskets tomorrow, but don't hate...we have been planning on getting chickens for a while, so it wasn't completely impulsive!

Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan
The other RIR is back there. Just being shy, I guess.

I did see that long post on the Hatchery Surprise, thanks.
I am very excited and will post pics/ videos once they arrive. I know I won't be able to ID them without a lot of help. (except the ducks, White Pekin are the only duck Cackle has that they can ship to Florida).

Welcome to BYC!

Lots of people do get chicks at Easter on impulse and it turns out to be the best adventure they have ever been on!! Your babies are adorable!! Enjoy them, they grow so fast.

Make yourself at home here on BYC and welcome to our flock!

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