Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    My wife's parents are locals. Mrs OZ was born here and did most of her education in the Philippines with just a nursing degree and masters in los angeles. Hr really is awesome but says I painted her in too positive a light here so I will add that she has a real mean streak if she is crossed. I have whole threads telling those stories lol.

    Bamboo flooring is sold at lumber liquidators as well as home depot for 2 to 3 bucks a square foot. Its truly a renuable resource with rapier growth rates.

    Fish is the TRUE staple of the philippines. Its one of the few things even the poorest can catch and eat. Well it was. 90 million people increase the burden on all natural resources.... including my chickens.
  2. piglett

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    Feb 22, 2012
    OZ don't you know that registration isn't needed there :)
    my eggs are almost to the 1/2 way point.

  3. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    Hey Piglett. Glad you found the thread. Does it make you miss your wife's province? I cant wait to get your monster orpingtons' offspring over here.

    Registration is like so many other laws that are poorly enforced until you are the guy they check.
  4. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    Day 20 started at 12 noon. 1st pip at 2pm!!!!!!!!

    Uswag Manok!!!

    (Prosper chickens!!!)
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  5. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    Humidity inside bators is 75% . Humidity outside the bators is 82%.
    If I peek I prolly wont shrink wrap them. Lol
  6. OffGridMAMA

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    Oct 24, 2012
    valley center, CA
    Yaaay :)
  7. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    Double yay!

    20 of your 30 eggs made it into lockdown. Not bad considering some were well over a week old on setting!! Better still, one has pipped and several are chirping from inside.
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  8. NovaAman

    NovaAman Overrun With Chickens

    No, I don't suppose you will shrink wrap them, lol. Yay, soon to have fat chickens!
  9. NovaAman

    NovaAman Overrun With Chickens

    Hiya Piglett!
  10. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    Seven and one half hours into day 20 and we have 7 pippers and an orchestra of chirping eggs from the mutt bator. The haughty purebreds are yet to start stirring but they are within normal range so I am not worried. Its 740 pm. I cant imagine getting too much sleep tonight

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