Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Bwhahahahahaha [​IMG] Glad I am not the only one guys!
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    The pullets are coming on line. We are up to 5 eggs per day. They are still very small but they are home grown!!

    Bernie now has excess and my father in law is benefiting from our eggs. Once I get there in 4 weeks I will buy flats to start selling eggs in the market. We should get near $2.00 per doz for large eggs.I need to sort the roosters out. I will keep the BLR Wyandottes, Black Copper Marans and Australorp. The rest will go to the freezer or the Market with Bernie.

    I am hoping the remaining roos will be mature enough at 23 weeks to do the job so I can set 20 immigrants as a control in the bator and another dozen under a true local broody.
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    Feb 22, 2012
    Oooh aestetics ya, i was thinking "how strong can i build it " only but that's how i roll OZ

    i asked my wife what DNR was in the Philippines ....she thought for a moment then said "Do Not Recesatate" [​IMG]

    the nearest homedepot is 24 hours away in Manila, but yes you can buy your stuff there & then send it through the forwarder
    it will arrive within a week or so in most cases

    $7 a day wow it used to be only $6 a day i think that has to do with the dollar slipping
    the great thing about the Philippines is you can & some people do live in $7 a day
    food is cheep if you want to live like a local.
    Marily & i live more of a blended kind of life
    when in Manila we will hit jollybee & chowking often but we mostly ride the jeepneys which are p8 (about $0.20) each way

    we should find out tonight what the scoop is on the land next to the inlaws over there
    maybe we will end up doing a little getting the flock out of here ourselves once we are set up for it
    i know the locals will flip if they see the large foul from the states
    & after seeing some of my britts they will be nearly speachless[​IMG]

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    Department of Natural Resources.

    They are one of the few govt departments in our area worth their salt.

    After seeing your brits the may need your wife's cpr skills
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    Feb 22, 2012
    they may think they are turkeys :)

    i guess i'll pass on picking up any rocks while on the beach
    but i know that is where all the locals get theirs .....but i'm not a local
    busting me makes it look like they are doing a great job
    busting a local.......don't think they would bother unless they were moving tons of rocks a day or something.

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    you mentioned a lemon orp. The most beautiful roo I have ever seen was OGM's barred lemon orp. Bloody coyote got him.
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    Feb 22, 2012
    yes i have a lemon cuckoo britt rooster over my buff hens at the moment
    we are starting to get a few really lite colored chicks from the hatches
    i'll save out a few pullets & breed them back to the greenfire farms lemon roo
    this should give me 75% britt lemon birds with great barring
    i can keep the best & eat the rest :)

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    Megabator Update Day 12 Sunday

    Humidity with vents over fans closed is down to 48% Outside Humidity is in the 80s
    Temps are holding at 99.8-100F

    These conditions are as good as we are going to get.

    Lets all hope we can get enough water out of the eggs so the chicks can be small enough to turn, pip and zip.

    My current plan is to wait until we have external pipping to add water to the hatching display case incubator.

    Its six days till we should have some quail. The turner will go off on Wednesday and they will go in the hovabator with an STC1000 thermostat upgrade. Bernie will candle for clears tonight.
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    Megabator Update Day 13 Sunday night candling

    The 4 goose from 14 are doing well. I asked my buddy to candle the 6 goose eggs under his scovie as well as the 15 muscovy eggs tonight,

    7 from 13 peafowl - I will be very pleased if most hatch

    only 7 from 30 turkey - the eggs are porous so its hard to see a lot of them

    9 from 24 guinea fowl - several suppliers would not sell to me because of low fertility issues this season. I wonder if this is the same but either way, i only need a couple of hens and roos to propgate

    A sample row of quail had 13 from 20

    72 from 90 sample large fowl but 9 from 22 serama. there are 180 more large fowl eggs not candled.

    121 from 203 with maybe 4 or 5 more turkey if mental math is correct. I was expecting similar results but would have hoped for better.

    Its a long way to go till hatch so those numbers will drop further. At least we are not flying blind like last trip. Shipped eggs can be hard on the heart and I shipped most of them thrice - once via usps and then 7921 miles in 747-400 and 292 miles in a A220-300.

    I may sneak a few more turkey into the golf bag if I cant get enough to breed with. there are 3 types so right now i can almost guarantee i wont have 3 breeds of toms and 3 breeds of hens

    on the bright side - we could end up with a decent number of quail and a slew of big chickens.

    Bernie appears to be doing a bang up job. He reports on humidity and temps twice a day.

    No power outages since day 1 but now we have back up, there probably wont be another one.

    Ants are not interested in crossing the mini moats

    the adventure continues
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    Good to hear the good news about the eggs and ants!
    Good luck !!

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