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    cool I just read up on the kind of wood that is produced by coconut palms Its amazing stuff.

    As the trees come end of life the wood used to be wasted. But they are finding it to be a viable very very strong comparable to Oak and mahogony and pine depending on where you measure.... outside is hardest moving toward the interior which is softest....

  2. ozexpat

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    trying to nail into the bark of a coconut tree is futile. when the lumber is cut its very soft but hardens very quickly. The grain is not "pleasant enough" for furniture but its ok for out buildings. Termites love it though

    our trees are all nearing end of production. one of the firts things we did when we moved onto the property 3 years ago was plant 270 more trees.

    in the mean time i only harvest the trees in the way or that have stopped bearing fruit.
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    Feb 22, 2012
    you should look into rubber trees OZ if you are looking for more profit
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  5. ozexpat

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    Day 15 update

    21 hours into day 15.

    Bernie candled the quail and kept 34 viable eggs.
    The plan was to move them the styro bator at day 15.5 but the 110v transformer seems to have blown a fuse. I instructed Analou to jump on a jeepney to Kabankalan City to buy a replacement fuse and 2 spares.
    In the meeantime, Bernie can use the transformer I have set up for the 12v-110v inverter.

    The adventure continues.

    To keep the photo junkies happy, here are some pictures of the water falls in the mountains behind us,




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    Interesting water color in the pools, any idea what causes that blue?

  7. ozexpat

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    microbubbles in the water from the waterfall
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    Just looked it up. High concentratoins of dissolved lime in the water can change the water to a turquoise. So the water is probably traveling through Limestone somewhere.

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    Aug 24, 2012
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    that is sooo beautiful....If I were younger and didn't have such deep roots here....
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    you are just a pullet mary

    its nice to hear from you. thanks for stopping by

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