Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Feb 22, 2012
    i used xoom when Marily & i were chatting & she needed a few bucks for something
    i played hell getting her to take a few pesos one time when her fan stopped working
    it was hot as an oven in Manila where she was & she couldn't sleep.
    we had not yet met in person so she didn't want to except any money from me.
    so i told her "go buy me a fan so when i arrive it will be there to use"
    i think i sent her $30 or $40
    at the time she was working as a nurse there making less than $200 A MONTH!!!!!

    take a nap OZ then see if you can get us an update

  2. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    we stalled at 43 at 6pm Monday

    I told Bernie not to go near the incubator for 12 hrs till daylight and get some sleep.

    When my incubators run at temp, I very rarely get hatches that go on past 504 hrs (21 days).

    We shall see.

    Modifications for the future will include a room size dehumidifier built in to the incubator. I found several on craigslist.I just need to find one under 70lbs to get on the plane,
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  3. Bens-Hens

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    Here's hoping for at least 7 before the nights out.
  4. scottcaddy

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    And Ben got the #2500 post!
  5. Sally Sunshine

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    Aug 23, 2012
    My Coop
    Oz that stinks! Who would think ants could be that nasty!
  6. JanO

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    Jul 25, 2012
    Western Washington
    Oz I'm sorry to hear about your quail. I know fire ants can be the devil! When my now 32 year old daughter was 5 I took her to So. Texas to visit my family. She was outside playing with some cousins kids and as luck would have it, she found the one ant hill in the whole yard to stand on. The were everywhere on her and it took a couple weeks before she got over it. Nasty little buggers! I can't wait for the next update, and tell Bernie for me that he's doing a bang up job!
  7. piglett

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    Feb 22, 2012
    how is that fermented feed working for you so far?

  8. ozexpat

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    2500 posts - Good gawd I can ramble.
  9. ozexpat

    ozexpat CocoBeach Farm

    20 hours into Day 21

    Just 2 hatched overnight. I am not sure what they are yet.

    Bernie has worked his butt off. 45 is a nice number of chicks. 160 would have been better but I will take what we got. Now everything is ant proofed I feel we have a shot.

    Any more that hatch will be a bonus. I know Marans can be late. I will float test them. I wont shut the bator down till day 23 kicks in.

    The cotornix that survived the ants are doing well. They now have their cage legs in water cans. I am glad we have a few of those little buggers left. Once they start laying, eggs will go in the bator every 4 days.

    I knew that getting the flock out of here was going to be tough. I was quite surprised I got a 50% hatch rate the first time.

    I will persevere. We have come too far.
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  10. ozexpat

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    Here is today's typhoon summary


    As of: June 18, 2013 06:00 AM,EMONG,Tropical Depression 04W [EMONG] has slightly accelerated northward while over intensifying over the Philippine Sea.

    This depression is likely to enhance the Southwest Monsoon (Hanging Habagat) and bring windy/cloudy conditions with occasional rains and thunderstorms across Metro Manila, MiMaRoPa, CaLaBaRZON, Western Luzon incl. Western Bicol beginning Tuesday night or early Wednesday.

    Residents and visitors along the east coast of Central and Northern Luzon should closely monitor the development of 04W (EMONG).
    Distance 1: 347 km NNE of Pandan, Catanduanes
    Distance 2: 402 km NNE of Caramoan, CamSur
    Distance 3: 444 km ESE of Palanan, Isabela
    Distance 4: 457 km NE of Daet, CamNorte
    Distance 5: 458 km NNE of Legazpi City
    Distance 6: 464 km NNE of Metro Naga
    Distance 7: 470 km E of Casiguran, Aurora
    Distance 8: 504 km NE of Polillo Island
    Distance 9: 531 km SE of Tuguegarao City
    Distance 10: 609 km NE of Metro Manila
    24hr Rainfall Accum (near center): Heavy [250 mm]
    Minimum Central Pressure: 1000 millibars (hPa)
    Max Sea Wave Height (near center): 10 feet
    Possible Storm Surge Height: 0 ft (0 m)

    As of 6:00 am today, the center of Tropical Depression 04W (Emong) was located over the Philippine Sea...about 470 km east of Casiguran, Aurora or 504 km northeast of Polillo Island...currently moving north with a forward speed of 19 km/hr in the general direction of Okinawa-Ryukyu Islands Area.

    Maximum Sustained Winds (1-min. avg) have increased to 55 km/hr near the center with higher gusts. The 24-hour rainfall accumulation near the center of 04W (Emong) is estimated to be heavy (250 mm).


    TD 04W (Emong) is expected to accelerate more to the north-northeast during the next 24 to 48 hours...with a turn to the northeast by 72 hours. On the forecast track, the core of 04W (Emong) will be just along the open waters of the North Philippine Sea through Wednesday evening and exit the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR). It could pass very close to Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands on Thursday morning...and pass near the coast Shikoku, Japan on Friday morning.

    04W (Emong) is forecast to slowly intensify during the next 24 hours...becoming a Tropical Storm on Wednesday morning...and will continue to gain strength throughout the forecast period, reaching a peak of 85 kph between Thursday and Friday.

    The following is the summary of the 3-day forecast outlook on this system:

    WEDNESDAY MORNING: Accelerating north to north-northeast across the open waters of the North Philippine Sea...about 433 km east-northeast of Basco, Batanes [6AM JUNE 19: 21.2N 126.1E @ 65kph].

    THURSDAY MORNING: Passing close to Okinawa-Ryukyu Islands...about 123 km north of Okinawa, Japan [6AM JUNE 20: 27.6N 127.9E @ 85kph].

    FRIDAY MORNING: Passing near the coast of Southern Shikoku...about 163 km south-southeast of Kochi, Japan [6AM JUNE 21: 32.2N 134.3E @ 85kph].


    Below is the summary of the storms parts and its hazards affecting specific areas.

    DEVELOPING RAINBANDS - over water (Philippine Sea). Affected Areas: East Coast of Catanduanes Tropical Depression Conditions with light, moderate to strong winds (30-60 kph) will be expected along these bands.

    24HR TOTAL RAINFALL ACCUMULATION - from 5 up to 50 mm (slight to moderate rainfall) can be expected along areas affected by the rainbands (see above)...with isolated amounts of 51 to 250 mm (moderate to heavy) along areas near the center of 04W (Emong).

    Important Note: Please keep in mind that the above forecast outlook, effects and hazards summary changes every 6 to 12 hrs!
    DISCLAIMER: iTyphoon provides tropical cyclone information for the general public viewing, but is not responsible for its ultimate use in the forecasting of tropical cyclones and/or the use of public watches/warnings. Due to this, iTyphoon cannot guarantee the availability or timely delivery of data and should not be used to support operational observation, forecasting, emergency or disaster mitigation operations - public or private. Neither iTyphoon nor the author(s) shall be liable for any errors or delays in content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon. Do not use these data to make life or death decision.

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