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    for sure

    the new fence is going on the side that the "snipers" live. Its a compound of about 10 houses and 60 people close to the road. Apart from chickens, mangoes and veges disappear routinely from the front, salt free garden. I am going to use an electric fence around the garden but Mrs Oz wont let me use it on boundary fences as she fears the locals will think its 220V and retaliate. We don't want enemies.

    Once the new coops are up, the next project will be an eight foot high net fence about 300 feet long I can use to control the free range areas for the new coops. Its made of commercial fishing net. fairly cheap. Then the birds can get amongst the bugs.
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    You need some of those stealth game cams to catch the thieves in the act.
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    I have thought about it but then what? My ancestors got a boat ride to Australia in chains because they were hungry and got caught.

    I just have to increase the degree of difficulty and let them target the nice house across the street.
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    Yea but us penal colonies know how to create an awesome living! :)
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    Oz, remind Mrs. Oz I think you're a keeper.

    <I><*suddenly feeling very cougarish, which is totally unwarranted*></I>
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    AT least if you know how they are doing it you can work towards closing up the weak points.

    Could take the other extreme and just give them some produce once a week, maybe to an elder. I know your stocks might not be able to support it right now but it's something you could work towards, maybe a processed rooster and a dozen eggs on Sunday after church or something. Then if you catch them tea leafing stop the donation and tell the elder.

    Might work to stop biting the hand that gives, in addition you are helping out a few folk in hard times.
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    i love you too linda

    Mrs Oz has put up with me for a long time, she is stuck with me now
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    I really wish it was that easy.

    The society is not tribal where elders have a part in the discipline of the group.

    This is the toughest thing to explain but honestly that does not work. I know you served in Afghanistan Ben so you have seen huge disparities between haves and have nots but living it is a different world. We have to help in a way that it does not look like its coming out of our pocket as we would be flooded with requests that we could not fulfill.

    There is not starvation, just hunger.

    I am not sure I am explaining this right. I love the country as it is my own. We do a lot of philanthropic work and give a decent sum of cash and a lot of time to helping the less fortunate. We train locals in building skills so they can work elsewhere, We help at schools to keep students attending and we participate in ensuring more than 1000 at risk kids get a dose of protein each day. Mrs Oz has performed 10000 eyes exams on school children. I have done 1000 Electrocardiograms on adults. We have faciitated the donation of medical equipment and then trained the staff how to use it.

    The Philippines is the land of "the shortcut". From politicians down its always about what can I get for myself now.

    We need to teach sustainability. I am putting half of all the eggs our chickens are laying into the incubator and breeding muscovy ducks for that purpose. I want to try and teach them that they have to plan for the future and a pullet is either a food source for 4 people once or a food source for one for years. I would rather help some locals start a business raising birds than giving them some adobo.
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  9. ozexpat

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    I have worked at helping many a medical mission in the Philippines. Perhaps we need to set up a back yard chicken mission and have you all help.
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    Feb 22, 2012
    Quote:i am waiting for a guy to get back to me he is selling out all his birds & he has some young white Bresse piglett

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