Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Signed up with BYC after a week worth of reading up on getting the flock out of here story... Great job ozexpat and good luck with the adoption and I'm looking forward to read more of the continuing saga.
  2. ozexpat

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    Ladies and Gents, we converted another lurker!!

    Welcome to BYC and this crazy adventure

    A week from now we should have a few more breeds of fluffy buts in the brooder

    Cuckoo Orps, Ameraucanas and Breda look like we will get enough to start a breeding program, I am hoping to get another couple of Andalusions too. With just a few Wellies and Silkies left it would be nice to get one of each to add to a barnyard mix as well

    The Chukar are 90% viable with 56 still progressing and the Guineas should be well established after this hatch.

    The duck eggs are full of life. I cant wait to see Rouens, Pekins and Welsh Harlequins on our lawn.

    Now i am crossing everything possible to help the peafowl and turkey hatch. I cant wait to grow a few turkeys so I can turn my mean old tom into turkey burgers.

    I just booked a ticket from Manila to Bacolod for Mrs Oz to attend part of the defence of her PHD dissertation. She will be back there August 17 and will bring photos of the new arrivals in case we cant coordinate the camera I gave Bernie and Analou to get to an internet connection earlier

    Hatch 5 is gearing up. My flight will arrive Aug 31 for my son's birthday and then off to the farm to set another haul of eggs
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    I think I may actually move on the idea of taking a contingency to the Philippines to do charity work. I will throw a few ideas at people and see what sticks. Every year people donate their time and money (airfare) to fly to the Philippines on humanitarian missions (and religious but that's a different thread). My first idea would be to spend a few days with the poorest of Filipinos doing some sort of medical care - non medical people would help with logistics, administration of paperwork and processing of patients - the Lions clubs sponsor vision programs so maybe we could piggyback into that. Then we would spend a few days educating small farmers and backyard agriculturalists on greener and more sustainable methods. Something as simple as improving their chicken flock and after BYCers give some education and do a show and tell, I would supply a boat load of roos that they could cross with their local chickens. Then we could tour a little and end up in a nice but cheap beach resort for some snokeling and good old fashion R&R The kicker is that uncle sam will recognize it as a tax deduction. Unlike when you all fudge your 1040 with donations of 600 pairs of jeans to Goodwill, you would have to outlay some cash but the effort could really make a difference in peoples lives Thoughts???
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    Welcome aboard [​IMG] from the San Diego High Desert [​IMG]

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    I am willing and able to, Might have to get creative on the financing the airfare though. I have a valid passport never used, can work on the logistics/labor side, Have some medical training from military and worked as a biller/coder in a internal med practice. Sounds interesting.

    Thought of bernie when I saw

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    Now, that's funny!
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    Quote: Hmmm......interesting...
    So....when would it be/for how long/actual cost?
    I am an MD (UK not US license) so may be of use
    the kicker may be that my oldest DD is going to USC in fall and we are already remortgaging the house (literally) to pay for it......

    Anywho doesn't EVERYONE donate 600 pairs of Jeans to Goodwill??? That is why they have so many [​IMG]
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    Feb 22, 2012
    school costs in this country are crazy
    why do they need to charge so [email protected] much?
    where does all the money go?
    my wife has a BSN from the Philippines
    1st the BON tells her she is good to go & can take the NCLEX
    now they say "oh sorry we messed up"
    we are planning on having a meeting with the top dog at the BON
    then she will have to make her case in front of the board
    we might get to pay for nursing school in this country over the next couple of years
    so i feel your pain Phage

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    I'm glad to see all is well with you, your family, and your chickens.

    I'm finally getting some Welsummer eggs to hatch, wish me luck!
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    I propose any medical mission include a stash of eggs from each member to haul to PI ! Save OZ having to haul 500 eggs cross the ocean! :) and I know lots of docs and nurses that travel with doctors without borders
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