Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

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    Well you know... What is supposed to be and what is, is two very different things... Besides, the longer they take, the more you contribute to the society/structure there. And who wouldn't want to. It's lovely.
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    If I could afford to be with them full time it would not be a problem.

    Between lost salaries and the expenses of travel and keeping two households, it has been a drain. I once said I would give a million dollars to have kids - I just never thought I actually would [​IMG]

    Still, if I had to do it again to get these two incredible little humans, I would.

    Lorenzo picked up the phone today at 23 months and started an imaginary conversation with a hello, a few ahuhs, an ok and a bye. When Mrs Oz asked him who he was talking to, he said "It was Daddy, he wants me to pick him up from the airport"

    Thats worth half a million right there.
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    Yes it is. Kids are worth every dime it takes sometimes. I have a job that I like, luckily, it pays the bills. Not the best job, no... not even a job to brag about, but it pays the bills, keeps my kids fed and clothed. BUT if I had to get a job that would take me away from the kids for days/weeks... I'd die... It has to be so hard, I couldn't imagine... It'll be so good when you can have them with you always.
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    I am blessed with having an good paying profession and an amazing boss. Without both I would have thrown in the towel.

    I sound like a martyr here but Mrs Oz is the hero of this adventure. She has the most amazing courage and determination. She breaks down every now and then but pulls herself out of the depths and puts on a brave demeanor and gets on with life. I cannot tell you how proud I am of this once spoiled and privileged daughter of a sugar can land owner. Not only has she fought to get the adoptions through, she has managed to complete all the course work of a PhD in Psychology, scored 97.8% in her comprehensive exams and is now into her dissertation. The kids are way ahead of their education milestones, are courteous, affectionate and have great senses of humor.

    And she puts up with this crazy chicken man

    Definitely a keeper!!
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    1Most definitely! She deserves high praise.
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    Well said my son...I am so glad to be able to read your good news..
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    It so good to hear from the Mother of our Great and Amazing Oz!! I am hoping that you are doing well, my dear!

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    hello mother!
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    I was sooooo behind! All caught up now, love all the pics, saw some of my kiddos in there! Congrats on the adoption progress and hello to Mrs Oz ;) see you soon my chicken friend, its been too long!
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    OGM what kind of duck is that

    it's a black & white something [​IMG]
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