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    Some very nice Blues there mate. I can't wait to have a few of our own.
    Very sweet egg rack. Are some being sold and some set or are you stocking all (apart from private eating) into the mega bator?

    Finally, the last pic quoted....has Bernie had a bad break in his wrist or has he evolved with an extra bone than me? Look painful yet old at the same time.
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    Jan 31, 2007
    I need a Bernie. Love, love the new coops and that fence is the bomb!
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    I have never looked at Bernie from that angle before.

    It looks like a badly set break.
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    I am planning the third batch of coops.

    These are 36 sq ft inside and 128 sq ft outside. Good for about 10 birds.

    The next round will be 20 sq ft inside and 80 sq ft outside Good for 6 LF or 10 Banties.
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    The Chicken Mission

    I have had quite a few PMs expressing interest in a "Chicken Mission"

    So when would this happen?

    The cheapest times of the year are actually the best times. These are the non-off peak times in both countries.

    They also are cooler times which is always good.

    My thoughts would be March 2014 but October also works.

    So picking a random week in March (less rain) I did a search on

    Airfares out of LAX are so cheap – A one-stop flight on an Asian carrier is $821.00. Philippine Airlines is still $1237. At $821, it will probably be cheaper to fly into LAX and then meet up and travel together rather than trying to fly from all parts unknown and meeting in Manila. Advanced purchase flights to our Island are less than $60 round trip.


    Depart LAX 10PM

    Arrive MNL (Date line effect) then at 3pm fly to Bacolod (BCD) Overnight in BCD. Dinner at a 18th St Pala Pala – Seafood Grill

    Leave for Kabankalan. Spend day setting up vision testing program.
    Sunset at the beach house. Overnight with billets/hotel

    Perform eye exams, diabetic vision screening, cataract screening, catalog glasses needed. (we will do this in a remote mountain village
    Sunset at Beach House. Overnight with billets/hotel

    BYC Outreach. Provide education on chicken breeds and breeding and sustainability. Give away 15-20 breeding trios and feed Afternoon at mountain waterfalls / zip line Sunset at Beach House. Overnight with billets/hotel

    BYC Outreach. Provide education on chicken breeds and breeding and sustainability. Give away 15-20 breeding trios and feed
    Afternoon check in to resort, SCUBA dive, snorkeling or relaxing

    SCUBA dive, snorkeling or relaxing

    Morning at the Beach House with lunch. Travel to Bacolod. Dinner at Chicken House. Overnight in BCD

    Fly to MNL then onto LAX arrive LAX at 7pm (this is where date line helps) onto home.

    Including airfaires, ground transport, and meals this trip would be less than $1600 with shared hotel and $1800 single occupancy. Hotels are basic, clean with air-conditioning hot water and wifi if there is service in the area.

    Here are quick calculations

    Share Single
    Airfare - LAX-MNL
    821 821
    Airfare - MNL-BCD
    60 60
    Hotel BCD 2 nights
    40 70
    Hotel Kabankalan 3 Nights
    45 80
    Resort Sipalay 2 nights
    80 160
    Ground Transportation
    80 80
    7 days food and drinks
    210 210
    travel insurance
    102 102
    1438 1583

    Alcohol and water-sports extra

    As The Lions Club Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable foundation, you can donate both time and tangibles to it with potential tax deductions (please talk to your tax adviser - not me)

    There would need to be 6 - 10 interested people.
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    I thought a trip like that would cost an absolute packet from here, but looking at a webjet, it's cheaper than I thought.

    I would love to be involved in some way, but unless business picks up soon I can't commit to anything at this point.

    I might take it easy on those internet hi fives for Bernie, don't want to hurt that wrist anymore!
  7. ozexpat

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    One of the great things about Perth is its proximity to Asia. Its great that you have all those budget carriers now. It would be great if you could be involved. We need you to get a nice contract or two

    Bernie broke his wrist when he was a kid according to Mrs Oz. He did not have money for it to be set under anesthesia. He has no problems with range of motion though it does look bad
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    I have been chewing over a way to get involved with the trip next year. I can't afford to do it solo, but I may be able to do a little bit of fundraising.

    I am still working over the details, but I am thinking I might be able to complete a physical challenge in exchange for local sponsorship to fund the trip and contribute supplies/equipment or what ever else. The idea is in it's infancy so no promises.

    Any idea when/if you would be looking at cementing this trip in mate?
  9. ozexpat

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    With you I have 3 that have indicated more than just interest. I recon I would need 10 saying they will come to get 6 that will get on a plane.

    I will cross post it on several threads now its gathering momentum.

    I will also start a new thread.

    Lets give it til the end of September,

    The goal is to do this on a budget yet get a great vacation and an amazing experience. Most of us can't afford extravagance and I reckon I could shave 70-80 bucks of the costs. More if you sleep on my verandah. lol
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    I have slept in some pretty amazing places hahahaha.

    I need to talk to a few people about details here, but I will be in touch again via PM so I can get more of an idea. I will need time to prepare if this all goes ahead at my end.

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