Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Kristen and I are super excited at the prospect of our babies hatching in the Phil's :D
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    I made it to Manila. Through immigration and customs. I did not end up with my mind in my nose or butt - thank god. Overall a great flight. I board my flight to Bacolod in an hour.

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    Eggs will be set tonight.
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    I [quothe perchie.girl" url="/t/731675/getting-the-flock-out-of-here-a-diary-of-a-crazy-chicken-man/3360#post_11910475"]LOL....  The pictures are pretty amazing though.   Hes selling them off as something other than incubators ..... Like Saunas, Wine coolers,  Meat aging rooms.....   Besides they weight 5000 lbs each.  Nothing you could fit in your golf bag.... LOL.


    I love those bators. Imagine the cool wine cellar. Those days are so far behind me. I would be happy these days with a 2013 rosé.
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    SHEW!!!!!! I have read 339 pages plus a few posts in almost 6 days! That was alot of catching up to do!!!!!!! Good luck on this newest set Oz! This has been an amazing journey so far, and I look forward to following and joining in as it continues!

    I guess as a newcomer I will introduce myself, since I seem to know several of you on here already!
    I am a stay-at-home mom to a 6yo DD, 5yo DS, 2yo DD, and 15 month DD. I also have a yorkie, and a Great dane, plus 19 chickens. My chickens are 7 Golden Comet pullets, 2 buff Cochin Bantams, 6 black or black mottled Cochin Bantams, 1 Blue Cochin Bantam, and 3 unknowns... Currently, only my Buff cochins are laying, and even now, both of them are broody, with 6 eggs under one and I am going to put eggs under the other one tomorrow. Last week, I lost my Buff Cochin rooster and my only Buff Orp. hen, as well as a mix. cockerel, all in one day. They were my first predator losses and I am not sure what got them except for the chick which was a snake. I had lost a couple of brooder babies earlier and my yorkie had killed a G.C. but this was something different. My flock free-ranges during the day, so losses are to be expected I guess. Anyway, didn't mean to hijack the thread, but wanted to say hello, and introduce myself!

    ETA: I Love the pictures and hope that you don't mind if I share some of mine as well!?
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    I love those bators. Imagine the cool wine cellar. Those days are so far behind me. I would be happy these days with a 2013 rosé.[/QUOTE]
    Yep Back BFK (before Kids) I was learning about wines and Austrailian wines had jsut started getting known here in the states. I bought a bottle of Cabernet for dinner for a dollar. Came home opened it and YUMMMY. And it was only that years wine. I went back to buy a case or two and they were GONE. That was at least twenty six years ago. Sigh.

    I would love to do custom beef aging. And Or bring in some Himilayan sea salt and do part of the room as a big cool air smoker...... Or make Cheese ..... with the climate control all of those things would be possible. It would just about fit in my green house room.

    Sigh.... Oh well.

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    Its 4am on Saturday morning. I am just waiting for Bernie to wake up so we can set the eggs.

    The kids birthday party was fun. I brought them over cowboy boots and hats. Lorenzo's boots are snakeskin with gold metal tips. Paired with a black and a brown and white shirt and he looked quite the cholo. Toni has red boots with white stars on them and a red hat. Very cute.
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    Good to hear that all is going well with you and the family! Is Bernie really ready for you visit?
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    Of course you may add pics.

    Bernie an I set the eggs. It took 3 solid hours.

    Large fowl, banties, guineas, pheasant, quail, duck and turkey.

    The young chicks hatched two days ago are going strong. We have another 42 due next week.

    We did not set eggs last week nor local eggs today. We have 5 dozen ready to go back with Mrs Oz on Tuesday.

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