Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Dec 30, 2012
    Amen, Lets stick to chickens [​IMG]
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    Dec 30, 2012
    Oz, What is the chicken head count now?
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    Jan 14, 2013
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    JEALOUS! Only way to get Ayam Cerami here is through Greenfire... $5000 for a pair.

    Indonesia is gorgeous, fantastic food (never been there, but it having been a Dutch colony there is a LOT of Indonesian culture seeped into Dutch culture and vice versa. Isn't that just too funny?)

    Sate Ayam means chicken sate ^_^ Random fun fact of the day.
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    Quote:I should probably confirm this before I write it, but doesn't Ceramani mean 'black', so the breed is 'Satay Black'? Staggering birds, I think I first saw them in this thread many pages ago and I still talk about them.
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    I have spent well over a year in Indonesia if you add up all my jaunts and Saya bisa Bahasa (I speak Indonesian) LOL

    Well I used to. I forget a lot now days.
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    Indonesia is an amazing place and Bali is my absolute favorite place in the world.

    Most Australians us Bali as their only overseas experience/right of passage destination and unfortunately dont get to experience the real Bali. A bit like the Americans who go to Cancun and never see Tulum or other Mayan ruins and the British wo go to Majorca but never see the bronze age, roman and moorish sites.

    On my first trip to Bali I met a genuine Balinese prince, his 4 daughters and son.

    They have changed my life.

    But thats another story.
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