Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

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    The chickens are doing well. The quail not so good. We have had a lot of deaths. I have not put my finger on it. I am hoping that a couple of antibiotics may miraculously stop the carnage but we have lost 5-10 a day for 4 days. its extremely frustrating.
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    Sorry to hear about those losses Oz, sounds pretty heavy.
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    Jun 1, 2013
    I'm not sure that they ever recovered that gun, or identified which friend stole it. Scary!

    As for the whole, why have a gun thing...I agree on one hand. I don't particularly care for guns, especially when there are children in the home. My husband wants one, to protect the property, but I'd rather not. We have four adventurous kiddos and I don't care how well its locked up...accidents happen. It scares me enough that our neighbors have guns. Last spring, we went over to slop their pigs. We were walking through their barn and noticed a rifle sitting, unattended, on the seat of their horse carriage. I don't know if it was loaded, or locked or what. But my kids saw it and the neighbor was nowhere nearby. His kids, and up to that point, my kids, run through that barn unattended all of the time! Between our two families, there are 9 children and my 7 yr old is the oldest. Its an accident waiting to happen.

    Back to the gun rights stuff...on the other side of the coin...I'm also not really big into the government telling me what I can and cannot do, kwim? I'm not really into the government stripping away rights that were once ours. I think its a slippery slope, when you start giving up rights.
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    Hey, just wanted to say hi! I found your Chicken Mission thread which led me to this thread... I've barely gotten through the first several pages, but it's great reading. Thanks so much for sharing! My folks and mom's side of the family are on the island of Catanduanes, far north and east of you. It sounds like they have a similar setup: land along a protected bay, copra plantation, and they raise pigs instead of chickens. I had the somewhat farfetched idea of bringing them Ayam Cemani eggs from Indonesia and getting a flock going over there before trying to bring some back to Cali. Definitely living out the idea vicariously through your experiences! I plan to visit them sometime in the next year, and if circumstances line up, would love to stop by and say hi. [​IMG] Either way, I love the philanthropy (folks really need a leg up out there) and I hope your projects go well!
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    Dec 30, 2012
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    That's... sorta rude. And a bit of a black and white depiction of the issue.

    Probably about time to head back to crazy chicken land.
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    i never meant to start a gun debate and this is not the right forum. I was just sharing a story of our adventure.

    lets not have this thread shut down by spiralling downwards.

    Did you know I have a boat load of chickens?..
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    I have yet to go to Bicol. I was hoping to drive through the Luzon portion of the province and then down through the eastern and central Visayas on the way back to Negros when Mrs Oz relocates. Unfortunately the timing won't work.

    One day I too shall have Ayam Cerami. Some of my Balinese friends are coming over to the Philippines to visit us in November. I will discuss plans to get eggs with them. I hope to take my family to Indonesia in the new year.
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    No you have a golf bag and an airplane load of chickens! Hehehe

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