Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Could only make it to the 20th page of posts, but wanted to make sure i marked the page. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, very exciting and rewarding for you!. Can twait to finish reading, although the chicks sure are cute! Linda
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    Thanks for the support! I was shocked today to see that there have been in excess of 5000 views of this thread thus far.

    Its a fun ride. I have crazy plans and am having fun sharing them. Mrs Oz checked the thread - she read to make sure the pictures she took yesterday made it - she commented on how much my plans are growing - I got a little worried but with a mile on her face said: dont forget the coturnix. I guess I am still going forward [​IMG]
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    Oct 25, 2012
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    Yea, crazy chicken lady, that's me [​IMG] What's funny is that my boyfriend moved in about a week & a half ago & I already have him just as hooked. I didn't find a chicken enabler, I created a fellow addict [​IMG] He was sitting here next to me on the bed this morning with "HIS" chick Maxi sitting on his chest & then in his hand. He would flip her on her back in his hand & say "dead chicken" & she would close her eyes & go limp. She's 2 weeks old & he has her trained to play dead already [​IMG]

    As for that table, here something like that would cost a fortune!!! It's absolutely gorgeous. I love it & I'm jealous! Now you really DO need to build those cottages for me & Sally. [​IMG]

    As for the quail, if you head this way to get the puppy from Sally, I can hook you up with quail & Rainbow layers BOTH [​IMG]
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    I thought I would unsubscribe once the hatch was over but I am still here, lurking about. The thing about your table... How did you get a ring that size to not check? Erm, crack around the edges as it dried? I have a huge oak tree that needs to come down, and would love to make a coffee table like that. But I am afraid it will check. Not that it's a problem, but I would like to prevent it if I could. I just noticed that you are missing an adirondack chair on your beach. ;). When I visited Mexico a few years ago, I had a good laugh when I went so far away and there were adirondack chairs (designed in my area) on the beach! Made it feel more like home to sit in an adk chair and sip a cocktail under tropical shade trees so far from where I live, lol.

    Lovely photos, the birds look great, and thanks for sharing your story with us. :D
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    Hi Mrs. OZ,

    Wife of crazy, generous, international Chicken Hatcher ! [​IMG]

    Wishing you all the luck with those beautiful kiddos! I think you are both awesome! [​IMG]
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    Jan 7, 2013
    wow i love your chicks!!!
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    Feb 22, 2012
    good luck with those bunnies OZ

    after some time i was able to talk my wife into getting 1

    i processed it after learning how on youtube

    i cooked it slow as instructed.....i was not all that impressed

    i'll stick to things that have wings.

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    bunny slow cooked in a crockpot with BBQ sauce, peppers and onions [​IMG]
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    Feb 22, 2012
    if you want to find out about importing from England then you need to find a member on here named Renie

    search for English orpingtons on this site & you will find her

    she has 2 lines of inported English orpingtons

    lets just say that there are only 2 lines in the country for good reason

    it's really tough

    good luck
  10. yinepu

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    i wonder what the locals will think of your fat chunky chickens when they are all grown up (considering they are so used to seeing the local birds)

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