Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by ozexpat, Dec 25, 2012.

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    Oh I remember. I took me awhile to read the whole thread before I started posting. She is so lucky! Make sure we get see pictures of the US babies since we get to see the Phils babies too!
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    A Shepherd I know puts up electric fence and baits it with strips of aluminum foil smeared with peanut butter. The coyotes lick it and get a full shock right in the mouth and don't challenge it again. I know you are off grid by your handle but Premier makes an excellent solar fence charger.
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    i love it!
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    The new chicken housing estate, starting to take shape. 3 large pens for my Light Sussex and Silver Laced Wyandottes.
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    A nice chunk of land there Ash. I can see room for a lot more coops
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    Yes mate - at current population densites, I could probably fit another 7000 chooks!

    xxxx M
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    You have green things and no snow - sure you just started summer.[​IMG] I just finished shoveling snow and more coming. Do you have emus too??
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    An update on CocoBeach Farm

    The quail are starting to hatch. A miscommunication saw them set 3 days later than the chickens. One of the dangers of not being able to speak a common language. So I am expecting chaos in the display case on Monday.

    All the extra steel for the gates and farrowing pen arrived yesterday along with the sewage pipe for the piggery. As we are replacing our house roof I decided to re-use the newer pieces on the piggery rather than buy thatch. The piggery has half walls so there will be plenty of ventilation. I can use the $250 for the thatch eleswhere.

    I have confirmed the extra workers for the week to help with the welding. We have one Farrowing pen complete, a second tack welded and needing a full weld finish and the third is just a pile of pipe and angle bar. We will also make the 12 ft truck delivery gates on the side of the property that enters my father in law's place. I am also modifying the livestock cage for the trailer to make it permanent and have to do repairs to our main entrance gate - rust is a mortal enemy of ours.

    The day after Christmas we have arranged for the nephew of Dado, our contruction guy, to interview for the position of sponsored student helper. Hopefully he will have a good grasp of English. As college is taught in English, its really important to be able to have more than a rudimentary conversational level of proficiency. If successful, my proposal will be an employmeny/sponsorship contract. He will get a full ride scholarship to an Ag college in a BSc in Animal Husbandry with a minor in Agrenomics. He will be required to work 4 hours each week day and 8 hours on Saturday for which he will be paid a stipend. During summer he will work at normal rates. On completion of the degree he will have a commitment to work for us for 4 more years at prevailing salary.

    The endevour to get a "fancy" boar has been fruitless. The breeder for the pietrains wants $1150 for a 50% pietrains thats 5 months old.

    At that price I am not doing it. I can get 6 doses of fresh boar semen here for a quarter the price and get a stack of future breeding stock. I just need to get it air freighted to Anaheim on the day i fly out. The junk is good for 7 days at 8oC and i could get 3 different boars - a duroc, pietrains and maybe large black. I am not in a rush so I am ok with it taking a few years to develop the true breeding stock I want. In the meantime we will use a Landrace.

    We are looking for weaned guilts - pig 4, pig 5 and pig 6 before Christmas and then pig 7, pig 8 and pig 9 arround Valentines day.

    The fence is progressing, The projects are going.

    I fly out in 8 days
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    I had a pack of loose dogs come through once. They did not pull the wire off the frame, they literally bit holes IN the 1/2" hardware cloth. It is a _little_ stronger than chicken wire and it _does_ help keep out rats and snakes but I have begun to put 2x4" weld wire fencing on everything for dog proofing, with chicken wire or hardware cloth over that if needed to keep chicks in or smaller pests out.

    Now I am losing birds to a fox. A pen put up early on of 6' chicken wire, with the bottom bent out about a foot to deter diggers. Well mr. fox tested and pushed the wire until he found the spot that rusted enough to break off just at ground level, then pushed it on in. working to get that pen repaired and trying to catch the fox.
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