Getting the flock out of here - a diary of a crazy chicken man

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    IN the Philippines they get eaten - dog is a delicacy there so they say. lol
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    Update on the farm

    Bernie has been busy.

    I just sent him P6900 ($180) to buy pig #4, pig #5 & pig #6.

    I was getting nervous as I need them to be 7-8 weeks apart to maximize the use of labor and pens when it comes to breeding. These are right on the money.

    There has been a general tidy-up as the debris from felled trees needed collecting along with posts dug out of the fence and the hog wire coiled.

    The foundation for 6 breeder coops is almost complete - a layer of stuccoed cinder blocks to prevent digging dogs and to keep lumber off the ground. The coops will be elevated 4x4 inside, 6x4 covered run and 6x4 exposed run. The BLRW, RIR, BR, Buff Orps, and BBS Orps will get their own coops by new year,

    After a mega molt, we are back to 10 eggs a day from the original girls and now 1 - 2 eggs from the younguns.

    The goat house is partly complete. Caprino will be exposed to the girls once done. He will be 8 months by then. I may pick up one doe while I am there if I have time.

    On this side of the Pacific I am gearing up. Egg run on Saturday. Leave on Sunday. All 4 airlines and 15 flights into Bacolod are completely sold out from Saturday til Christmas. I am glad I booked early.
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    pig # 4,5 & 6
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    gosh, ain't nothing prettier than a spotted hog
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    X2 What nice looking spotted pigs!! "Paint" and "Domino"????
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    may they grow up and produce 20 more spotted pigs per year

    Once they are proven sows, I will carry some boar semen from here and make some nice cross bred breeders.

    Bernie says he can find a nice boar at a decent price. Analou's father is a pig trader on the other side of the Island so Mrs Oz may head over there on Sunday with Bernie if we get a call.

    Such love.
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    pigs get numbers not names. They will get a nice yellow eartag next week along with tetanus, rhinitis and myco vaccinations

    they got a dose of levamisole to de-worm them today as a welcome gift.

    over the next week they will transtion to our feed mix from store bought pellets.
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    Looks like a durox/china mix

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