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    Well, after a long day of battle with a 100' roll of hardware cloth, I have just the main coop door left before the girls can leave thier coop and explore thier new run.

    My coop was built with a full traditional peaked roof over the coop and the whole run. I plan to feed and water the girls outside. (four BO's and two BR's) I have the metal hanging feeder and two gallon water can. Should I provide them with feed and water inside the coop for the night? I had planned to make one of those "L" shaped PVC feeders for a night time snack, but would like to keep the water out of the coop. Is this an issue? I hear many people who feed and water outside, but never mention if its ok to leave them for so long with no feed or water.
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    At night, they will be on their roost and sleeping. Will your chickens be able to get into the run whenever they want? My water is only outside. They can go outside at night, if they want to, but they never have to my knowledge. Now early am, when the sun starts up, they are out. I would think food can be only outside also.

    Edited to say, your coop / run sounds nice, have you posted pictures?

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    Quote:Chickens have night blindness and don't see even in twilight very well.
  4. I've been feeding/watering inside, not because anyone told me, but because my waterer is out of the sun to prevent algae and the food stand can be kept cleaner. My concern about feeding outside is attracting rodents, raccoons and wild birds.
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    The rodent/predator issue is one big reason I would *not* feed inside the coop. No reason to give all the nasties *another* reason to try to get into the coop.

    Also, if the feed and water are kept outside, then the coop stays so much cleaner.

    For both reasons I vote outside only.

    And chickens don't need to eat and drink at night, they do fine without. Just let them out in the morning when you get up.
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    Thanks all, I know I will have to winter them in the coop for the most part so they will eat and water in the coop for then, but that is just because of the snow and cold. I am glad to see that it is not a big deal for them to stay the night without food or water. The coop should be secure enough to allow them access outside, but I am leary. We have a LOT of woods behind our house than go into the next town. I think it would work, heck I have freaking keyed locks on the coop and the door on the run!

    My coop is getting close to being done now. I finished all the fencing yesterday and have the run door clamped and glued now awainting for a coat of primer so I can attach the hardware cloth. Once that is done, I can install the vinyl siding on the coop itself. [​IMG]

    Here is my coop, the fencing was not up yet in these photos, and the white is just primer/stain. I have some pale yellow siding that I picked up for free to use on the coop for my girls. [​IMG]


    PS, above the door near the roof will be some cedar siding shingles painted pale yellow to match the siding (I hope!) [​IMG]
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  7. Absolutely Fabulous!

    I just finished mine (finally...really, this has been the longest project ever!) but it's nothing near as nice as yours!
  8. Alaskan

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    That is SO VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!

    I would suggest digging a trench for the chicken wire....keep the digging varmints out.
  9. Firefyter-Emt

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    Already done, I broke out my roto-tiller (8hp rear tine Troy-Bilt) and trenched 8" deep and 20" wide. I have it down about 8" and out about 24" or so. I am spoiled, the tiller has a dozer blade that pushed all the dirt back in too! [​IMG]

    Those photos were done before any of the fencing was put up. It is now 100% fenced with 1/2" hardware cloth. [​IMG]
  10. Alaskan

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    put up a done photo.

    I am sure the yellow siding will by simply precious!

    You did such a great job!

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