Giant chickens


Feb 20, 2018
South eastern Ky
I don’t know if you have seen the video and pictures of the HUGE HUGE chickens but what kind are they? I am thinking the ones I seen are the white brahama breed. My question is this are those really huge or are they a special breed? When I started out I was going to get a couple of those but as I did my research I am leaning toward EE and silver laced Wyandotte and a couple barred rocks. Now I am just curious about those huge chickens!
Hi there! :welcome
I am assuming you're referring to the video of the Light Brahma chicken that went viral for a while.
The Light Brahma is a large chicken breed and can weigh over 8 lbs.
My rooster Dezi is a Light Brahma and he is the absolute sweetest guy I've had! Light Brahma hens are also known to be docile and decent layers of a medium size brown egg.
EE are a great choice also, though my EE's tend to be a bit flightier than my brahmas or my orpingtons.
Good luck with your flock!!! You'll find a lot of interesting breeds as you go along in your chicken endeavors!

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