Giant cochins are pipping!!! we have 7 babies and 2 more are pipping

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  1. I have two hatches going right now in two different bators. Last night went to bed, saw one just starting to pip and woke up on day 21 to three pips of my giant cochins. Two silver laced and one blue cochin. They are slowly making progress and we are waiting on more babies. I had a batch hatch on friday of americaunas. I got 7 out of 20 hatched but one had a paralyzed deformed foot. I ended culling him. Last night I was going to get rid of the rest of the eggs and I candled them, they were dead(no movement) and then the last one I candled was peeping in the aircell. She is pipping today and breaking through quickly, she is determined we are almost on day 24 at 8pm tonight. I would have never thought they could be born that late will update later.
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  2. We have the white americauna out with some intervention and one big black cochin.
  3. From this batch so far I have gotten 6 and there are still one pipping and I candled the rest of them. Two are still alive, I will give them a little more time it's only day 22. The humidity was high enough where it should not have disturbed any pips. I have more to come off the turner tomorrow and would like to use the genesis since I only have the one. The patridge cochin I did have to intervene this morning, it was trying to get out of the shell which the membrance was all white and gettig very weak. It is resting, but moving around so only time will tell.
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    Hooray! Pictures, pictures, where are the pictures?
  5. I will post pics when they are done two more started pipping. we now have 7 babies with two more just starting to pop. The partridge cochin trying to stand but having trouble holding neck up, will give it a little longer a few days. would some sugar water help??? It's my only patridge and i so wanted some of those.
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