Giant,healthy &sturdy cornish cross Roo.... that can outrun the Buff O's!A genetic anomaly?So.Maine0


12 Years
Jul 23, 2011
Coastal Southern Maine
Hi...I have a 15-18# five mo old white Cornish cross meat bird that escaped the slaughterhouse as my friend was going to
take as a pet and has since been unable to.I am attempting to rehome him as he's a rare speciman,he walks around a lot,and is
quite remarkable as he's thriving,keepn up with my Buff O's re free range feeding etc.As far as meat birds go,I've never seen anything like him.
I am in S Maine,he has to be rehomed soon or my Vet will take him for dinner as it'll be too cold here for him in Maine and my Buffs wont let him hang with them in cold weather to stay warm.We get temps below zero here,so his days are numbered...
So,if u have any interest in an unusual, atypical sturdy Meat Bird as a pet,freak of nature,or ??,contact me before D day for this roo,which I m thinking will be Dec.when it gets too cold.
I am wondering if he's a genetic fluke as he actually outruns my Buff Roo,free ranges as well as any of them,and is on his feet most of the day,unlike any meat bird I;ve ever seen.He is friendly because he broke his leg when a horse stepped on it at 6 wks and I confined him and treated it for 2 wks during which time he became quite friendly.His legs are sturdy with no impedement walking or running despite the earlier injury.He's always after my hens so I'm thinking he isnt sterile,who knows,maybe he'd be the foundation for some kind of outcross...??
He's considerably larger/taller and wider/ than the Buff Roo in my avatar,I'll post pics later...The Buff Roo in my avatar is 22-24" tall.
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